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Private Training
In-Person Private Lessons

Private lessons have the benefit of focusing specifically on you and your dog, and customizing the lesson to meet your needs. Lessons are held either at Crystal Creek Farms, or occasionally at a local park or trail, depending on the focus of the lesson.

We offer private lessons for obedience skills, therapy prep, nose work, and behaving in public.

In-person private lessons are $150 for a one hour lesson.

Online Private Lessons

We also offer private lesson using Zoom. These are great for situations where you can’t meet in person, times when you need a consult, or any situation where you prefer to work virtually.

Online lessons can cover may of the same issues and skills that in-person lessons cover, but are particularly good for setting up training plans, and periodic check ins.

Online private lessons are $100 for a one hour lesson, and $50 for a 30 minute lesson.

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